The Stuffy Square is a vacant lot, though it is generally agreed that the Square reached an all-time low of desolation, and is no longer viable for any sort of usage. Max will no longer inhabit the lot, but is commonly found on the old green Sinker or in the Freehouse


From the Stuffy Square, you can travel to...



Currently, the Stuffy Square is in a state of ruin, unlikely to ever be repaired. The former community is currently living in the Throwback Chest, and is expected to reside there for the rest of their days.

Prosper Edit

Phase 1: Capital constructed.

Phase 2: Long phase of peace and prosperity.

Phase 3: Decline of peace, but maintenance of prosperity.

Phase 4: Preparation for war.


Phase 1: Cleanse base. - Completed three days into desolation.

Phase 2: Cleanse residencies. - Completed five days in.

Phase 3: Cleanse all residents. - Known as 'The Washing.'

Reconstruction Edit

Phase 1: Lockdown of area.

Phase 2: Reconstruction of Capital. - Abject failure.

Phase 3: Abandonment of reconstruction and retreat into Throwback Chest.

Previous statesEdit

Prosper - 2007 to early 2012.

Desolation - early 2012 to late 2012.

Reconstruction - late 2012 to mid-2013.

Ruin - current.

The WashingEdit

See main writing - The Washing

All residents were scheduled to be cleansed, but the plan had several setbacks.

-A broken IceLine set the Washing back four days.

-The Arrival of the Well-Known Stranger set it back two weeks.

-A week of UBN spelunking set it back nine days.

-The Events of the 21st set it back nearly a month.

-As of Semptember 1st, 2012, the Washing is complete.

Reign of the HighlandersEdit

The Square used to be known as the Second Great Mountain. (1996 - 2005) However, the Highlander War changed that in 2007.

The UnprotectedEdit

Where the great Square stands today a dark place stood before. This place was full of evil and terror. It was dark and very cold day in and day out. A small, shivering form lay curled up in the center, eyes shut tight to protect the evil. One day, a man called the The Unprotected Paladin vanquished the evil and demolished the small place that inhabited it. This led to an open land filled with the Glow. Soon, Highlanders discovered the place, and for them, Max built the Highlands.

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