Operation: Carrust was a mission lead by Tim Trekker.

Mission PlansEdit

  • Fly a K-SLAW helicopter into the battlefield of MSWIIII. Obj: Failed.

Trekker had to attack the Carrust Skullcrusher alone, as all of his allies has died in the crash. When he got there, he pushed on the Skullman's TDRAW and it gifted him an AM-RayGun. He took the elevator up and dove into the skull. It snapped shut in a twisting motion to where he was thrown into the bars on the front. It laughed and said "There's NO ESCAPE!". But he knew he had to get out to finish the mission. He fired the RayGun at the side of the skull. It blew a hole in the side and he jumped out onto the bridge it revealed. The bridge collapsed underneath him and he fell into a stoney dungeon. There he was.

Pale GoldieEdit

Trekker recovered Pale Goldie and got him out of the battlefield safely.

Mission is Successful by All StandardsEdit

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